About us

I make my own soaps so I know exactly what is in it.

I began making soaps for myself and my family around 2010. I have always liked old traditions and preferred natural ingredients in my food and personal care products. I also became aware of the ingredients in commercial soap. I'm sure most of the chemicals are not harmful, but I feel better knowing exactly what makes up the soap my family and I use on our skin every day! I make my cold process soaps in the traditional way using lye, water, and oils such as olive, coconut, and sustainably sourced palm. 
My Everyday Bath Soap is about as basic as you can get with no dyes or fragrances added and just a bit of extra oil for moisturizing-- it is perfect for sensitive skin. I also like my soaps to do more than basic cleaning. Some of the essential oils and other additives have anti-bacterial properties or are good for deep cleaning and healing your skin. I prefer to lightly scent my soaps. I like the way they smell when I am lathering up, but don't want the scent to be on my skin all day.
I began making my own shaving soap for the same reasons, to know exactly what I was putting on my skin. I soon found that I could customize the oils and other ingredients to get a superior shave! With a good badger hair brush, I can create a nice lather that softens the hair and conditions my skin. Just a touch of clay helps the razor glide smoothly. Of course you need quality accessories to make the ritual complete. I make shaving bowls and brushes with real badger hair (not boar or synthetic) in my wood shop. Keep checking my store as these are individually crafted from mostly native wood salvaged from tree removal operations. 
If you have a special need or request for custom soap, feel free to contact me, and I can work with you to create what fits your needs!
Thanks for taking your time to read my story, and thank you for supporting my small business!