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shaving -

  I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw a small bowl that had been truned from the pages of a book. It was really cool! It appealed to me as a wood turner and reader and artist. I decided that I should try it. It was a fun process and I learned a lot! First I had to find a big book. I went to the local thrift store and found the biggest bood they had (The New Handbook of Texas). I bought it for $1 and took it home. It was big, but to use it for my...

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soap making -

What is in the soap?   Soap Making Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil is often used for superfatting soaps. It is a great moisturizer, makes a stable lather and helps condition the skin. Add 1 ounce per pound of fats to your soap batch at trace. Aloe Vera is used in creams and lotions. It's a well known healing and soothing agent for damaged, dry skin. It is soothing and healing for burns, skin irritations, and raw open wounds. Liquid aloe vera may be added to cosmetic formulations, soaps, and straight on the skin. Avocado Oil is a great moisturizer and is...

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