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Beers soap is great for you skin!     Most soap is made with water or milk; replacing the liquid with beer makes an amazing soap; it doesn’t smell like beer, but takes on the aroma of the hops and extracts that are used in the beer making process. This soap produces a nice lather and feels smooth and silky on your skin. Hops contain skin-softening amino acids, which can help to soothe irritated skin, and the brewers yeast used in making beer has antibacterial properties, which may help in the fight against acne. Beer also has Vitamin B which...

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What is in the soap?   Soap Making Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil is often used for superfatting soaps. It is a great moisturizer, makes a stable lather and helps condition the skin. Add 1 ounce per pound of fats to your soap batch at trace. Aloe Vera is used in creams and lotions. It's a well known healing and soothing agent for damaged, dry skin. It is soothing and healing for burns, skin irritations, and raw open wounds. Liquid aloe vera may be added to cosmetic formulations, soaps, and straight on the skin. Avocado Oil is a great moisturizer and is...

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